"A multidisciplinary artist, Jérémie Boudreault exercises with equal passion the artistic direction, creation and dissemination of artistic projects."

– Clôde de Guise

“Jérémie Boudreault has always observed the world. And her field of vision is vast, since she is a visionary.”

– Jocelyn Fiset, writer and international curator

Panel 1

Installation – Le miroir agité

Through this theatrical and poetic installation, the multidisciplinary artist Jérémie Boudreault confronts us with the inevitable.

In response to current climate change, the imminent disappearance of species as well as the degradation of human qualities, the artist proposes Le miroir agité, a surreal vision of a future where hope coexists with fate.

Can the disaster be avoided? 


Panel 2

Sculpture – L’observatrice

L'observatrice, it's this little bird that comes daily to my feeder and has been watching me for a few months through my kitchen window.

L'observatrice from the top of her perch looking at me, she listens, stops eating; I take pictures, make videos, note, compare with other birds. Nope?! But she is watching me?


Panel 3

Event – Créations-sur-le-champ Land art Mont-Saint-Hilaire

The City of Mont-Saint-Hilaire has been presenting the event since 2007 Créations-sur-le-champ Land art Mont-Saint-Hilaire and welcomes thousands of visitors every year!

A daring idea born of a collaboration between the artistic director hilairemontaise Jérémie Boudreault and the Department of leisure, culture and communications of the City of Mont-Saint-Hilaire.


Panel 4

Installation – Vide

Jérémie Boudreault offers a flight to interstellar space. The space suit, both sculpture and character, propels us towards a global vision of our blue planet. 

The pictures painted on floating canvases speak of our origins and the next destination. 

"Where are we going? Where do we come from?"