Le miroir agité

Immersive installation
Musée des beaux-arts de Mont-Saint-Hilaire, 2 MAI AU 11 JUILLET 2021

Part 1 

Et si c’était mieux ailleurs

To the south, while the emperor penguins undertake their ancestral march to ensure their reproduction, a small group of them attempt a perilous journey. Wishing to divert their destiny, these unruly penguins go on a daring quest: to join the flying penguins of the Arctic in the north. The adventure is risky, very risky. If the poles had to touch...

Part 2

Rencontre dans l’invisible

The tardigrade, also known as the water bear, has traveled through history for millennia. Displaying an unshakeable courage through time, this unsung hero gives us a great lesson in humility. In the subtle world, he presides over a meeting with the aim of bringing beheaded queens back to life, beheaded from their nobility of heart.

The tardigrade

Is tenderness still there? She seems crestfallen.

Has the delicacy disappeared? Guillotined, too.

And what about perseverance? Is she on life support? 

And spontaneity? She no longer responds, radio silence.  

Human virtues are degrading. Pleases, thanks, pleases, excuses, afters, hugs and kisses, welcomes and goodbyes, hellos and good nights and je t? love should sprinkle our lives and tint them with happiness.

Part 3 

The last ice floe

"Please look at me, please don't ignore me anymore." 

Slowly she slips, slowly she breaks, softly, so softly. It?s a grand spectacle, terribly beautiful, beautiful in the extreme. 

The ice

Ritualized action