L’Observatrice is the title of a recent work by multidisciplinary artist Jérémie Boudreault.

L'Observatrice, is the joyful result of the perfect encounter between a work, a sculpture representing an imaginary character and the very real personality of its creator.

L'Observatrice, this term could not better define the one who, for many years, is the privileged witness of what is done, what is lived in culture mainly in Montérégie but more precisely in the country of Borduas. It is also in this capacity that Jérémie will have seen everything, artists, works, cultural speakers, mayors and deputies, she has seen everything I tell you. 

“Jérémie Boudreault has always observed the world. And her field of vision is vast, since she is a visionary.” How else to see his last installation Le miroir agité presented at the Museum of Fine Arts in Mont-Saint-Hilaire where, concerned about climate change and the melting of glaciers at both ends of the Earth, she prophesied "And if the two poles had to touch each other!".

To come up with such a strong image in so few words, to come up with such a summary of the dangers linked to the current human situation, you need extraordinary sensitivity.

Sensitivity and Jérémie are synonymous.

It is also this sensitivity that makes the artist an eminently accessible being who has never had a big head, unlike the many characters in his work who always take up all the space, who take themselves for others, who monopolize all its space, all its air and which reveal all the monstrosity of which humanity is capable, thereby relieving their creator of this abominable defect. Precisely, Jérémie is the antithesis of the abomination.

Observer and Actress

Thus, Jérémie Boudreault is accessible but she is above all eminently generous since she has made of her life and her commitment a theater where she is never alone and where she invites, welcomes, integrates everyone, artists and public alike time ! 

She has always created parties, shows, exhibitions, installations, all kinds of events that give space to others. It's not that Jérémie leaves his place, no, she's all there, as an actor in her own life, but gently. Able, she listens more than she says but God knows she doesn't think less. This is why she creates; To say!

Moreover, like any Shaman, she must go through a medium, a technique, an artistic form to say, denounce or proclaim. So, like the High Priestess of words, sculpture or theatrical installation, she gives herself up, she creates worlds, universes that are sometimes crazy, iconoclastic but always significant.

It is no coincidence that at the height of his career, Jérémie Boudreault decided to devote his time to the heart of nature through Land art. Even less by chance that all his energy is channeled within an orchard, a pine forest because Jérémie is also the benevolence of Mother Nature which opens the doors of creation, of the unconscious, of the spirituality of which, all, we are so thirsty and we never value enough. 

Finally, she would be in a way the observed observer since I have been with Jérémie Boudreault for almost thirty years and that is how I see her.

– Jocelyn Fiset,
Nomadic visual artist
International Curator

A sower of talents

Multidisciplinary artist, Jérémie Boudreault exercises with an equal passion the artistic direction, the creation and the diffusion of artistic projects. After her training at the Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe theater school, she joined the Ligue Nationale d?Improvisation, played a leading role in a youth television series, participated in several dance-theatre creations. Quickly, his interest moved towards hybrid art forms and their creative process. 

In 1996, Jérémie fell in love with an old garage that would become Arts Station, an alternative cultural venue. She set up a small seventy-seat theater there and created the non-profit organization Productions Tableaux Vivants, of which she is the general and artistic director. For 15 years, it broadcast annual programming and showcases many artists from multiple backgrounds. She also presents her own scenic creations such as Suspendues au cadre de la nuit (2003) and D'après les Ménines de Vélasquez (2007).

Since 2015 Arts Station has been transformed into a studio and Jérémie invests this space with fragmented artistic projects, including Livraison chaos (2017), an exhibition bringing together thirty-two artists, and its immersive installation Boîte noire (2019). 

(2017), an exhibition bringing together thirty-two artists, and sIdéatrice and artistic director, Jérémie Boudreault oversees numerous projects, including Créations-sur-le-champ land art, a major event since 2007, taking place in Mont-Saint-Hilaire in Montérégie. In 2020, she adds to her career as an event creator, Grand V urban land art in La Prairie. 

As a filmmaker, she produced three short films inspired by tales (2009 to 2012) and the year 2019 was marked by the release of her latest short film, Le regard de Nicolas.

This spring 2021, it is at the Museum of Fine Arts of Mont-Saint-Hilaire that she will unveil Le miroir agité, a solo exhibition that will take the form of a theatrical installation in three tableaux.

– Clôde de Guise